Top 4 Wholesale Opal Earrings


Are you still wondering what kind of opal earrings that you should wholesale for the next season? Are you confusing with those fashion jewelry lists? Are you tired with searching a lot of information about the fashion trend of opal earrings? Don’t maltreat your brain any more. This article will provide you the most comprehensive fashion trend information for wholesale opal earrings.

* Colorful Wholesale Opal Earrings


Opal not only featured its mellow texture but also its color. You have no idea how colorful it can be and they are all natural instead of compounding. Opal can be compounded so you don’t need to worry about the truth of the opal. The colorful wholesale opal earrings are so gorgeous and it is hardly to find a word to descript its beautiful gloss. These colorful opal earrings will become the most hot sale items among all your wholesale collections.

* Gold-plated Wholesale Opal Earrings


Gold-plated wholesale opal earrings look extremely striking and precious. These opal earrings perfectly complement the jewel-tone dresses that women love to wear in important events. These gold plated opal earrings have delicate design and bright cluster because the gold color and the color of opal are match so well that make them like the shiniest star on the night sky and give out charming and mysterious sparkling.

* Gemstone Embedded Wholesale Opal Earrings


The beautiful opal is fantastic but when it is put together with other gemstones, that opal earrings will become an epic. The stunning gemstone will give out beautiful gloss but it still cannot pale the beauty of the opal. They are just like the moon and the stars in the sky. The opal is the moon and the gemstones are like the dazzling stars which shine because the moon. They will of course bring people great visual shock on any occasions.

* Sterling Silver Wholesale Opal Earrings

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The sterling silver opal earring is also worthy for wholesalers’ attention. The sterling silver can foil out the fairness of the opal with its silver white color, which is tranquil and also tasteful. These opal earrings are particularly suitable for women with elegance and taste. It won’t be too much for the daily wearing.

All these wholesale opal earrings are delicate and beautiful for fashionable buyers. If you want to wholesale some beautiful opal earrings for your jewelry business, Viennois-online will be your best choice.


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