How to choose the quality and valuable wholesale opal jewelry

When it comes to a variety of color and eye-catching brilliance, opals are hard to beat. If you are looking for wholesale opal jewelry, there are so many factors needed to be taken into consideration. The most important factors to consider are gemstone’s types, sizes, colors, brilliance and prices. Now let’s see what kinds of things to be known before you buy wholesale opal jewelry.

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1. Know the types of the opal

It is a fact that Australia produces over 95 percent of the world’s opal. Each of the different types comes from different parts of Australia and each looks very unique to others. Opals are typed by their background color. The three main types of opal are black, crystal and white or milk. The rarity of the color is what determines its market value. The rarest and highest priced per carat weigh is black opal, which has a dark background. The next up is crystal opal, a transparent stone that reflects color beautifully. After that comes the relatively common white or milk opal. Other types of opal include boulder opal and matrix opal.

2. Observe the color of the opal

Body color refers to the underlying or overall color of the opal. Colors range from colorless to milky white, gray and semi-black to black, and a wealth of vivid colors including red, orange, yellow and blue. The depth and richness of color is reflected in pricing. The most highly prized colors are, in order, red, orange yellow, green, and blue. The more colors a gemstone includes, the more valuable it is. Keep in mind, though, this has to do more with rarity than with quality. Color makes no difference in how wonderful the opal is or how long it will last.

3. Consider the brilliance of the opal

The brilliance or brightness is one way the value of an opal is judged. There are three ratings: brilliant, bright and subdued. With ‘brilliant’ being the brightest and most expensive, ‘bright’ in the middle range, and ‘subdued’ having the least brightness. Brilliant opals are fabulous but even subdued opals can be lovely. In fact, some cheaper white opals may have no noticeable color flashes at all. Even if a stone has a nice range of colors, if they’re dull, the value of the gemstone won’t be as great.

4. Watch the size of the opal

Really this one goes without saying, but assuming all else is equal, the bigger the opal, the more valuable it is. As with other gemstones, like diamonds and rubies, opals are measured by their weight in carats. Please remember pay attention to this aspect when you wholesale opal jewelry.

5. Find the right jewelry wholesaler

If you are going to make wholesale purchases, it is easy to compare, because the wholesale suppliers are easy to identify by a brand or model number. You have to find a good supplier which you can trust for choosing the right wholesale opal jewelry or wholesale jewelry. But do not judge by the size of the shop or just by the company name. If you are a new business runner, you can refer to your friends or relative to get more directly useful information. Just bear in mind that a good jewelry wholesaler can always give you the best wholesale jewelry you are searching for.


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